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The Consort  by  Misty Malone

The Consort by Misty Malone
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An ultimatum from his dying father forces Prince Accolon to give up his plans to enter the church to fulfill the marriage contract left behind by his slain brother. If he refuses, his father will strike at him and deny his entry to the church, but if he accepts, he loses his freedom forever. Across the land, Rhys faces a similar problem. Discovered in an indecent position with a stable boy by his furious father, Rhys makes a fools bargain. He has one month to steal the crown of Wales, or die.

He disguises himself as a manservant and sets about learning what he can of the royal family. Everything goes according to plan--until Rhys meets Accolon. All Rhys wanted was to save his skin and steal the crown. He never planned on losing his heart. But with Hunters on his tail and a rival out for blood, Rhys cannot allow himself to fall for a firm body and kind smile, no matter how much he wants to.

Nor can Accolon understand the strange primal urges this Briton awakens in him, no matter how hard he fights against them. A triangle of historic proportions where love, lust, politics, and murder sleep in the same bed. Blood will be spilt, lands will be lost, and no ones heart will be safe if The Consort has his way.

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