A Summons From Yorkshire (Regency Christmas Summons Collection 1) Ava Stone


Published: December 10th 2011

Kindle Edition

165 pages


A Summons From Yorkshire (Regency Christmas Summons Collection 1)  by  Ava Stone

A Summons From Yorkshire (Regency Christmas Summons Collection 1) by Ava Stone
December 10th 2011 | Kindle Edition | PDF, EPUB, FB2, DjVu, AUDIO, mp3, ZIP | 165 pages | ISBN: | 7.53 Mb

A Summons From YorkshireRegency Christmas Summons Collection 1© 2011 Ava Stone, Aileen Fish, Julie JohnstoneIn AVA STONE’s The Counterfeit Christmas Summons, Lady Emma Whitton has decided its time to take her future in her own hands. She has been in love with Viscount Heathfield since she was in leading strings. Unfortunately, its been almost that long since shes laid eyes on her brothers old friend and vice versa. Tired of waiting for him to remember her, Emma pens a holiday invitation (in her brothers hand) to Heathfield and waits as patiently as she is able for her one true love to arrive.

* Heath isnt quite certain what to make of the very strange summons he received, but his curiosity is most definitely piqued. He heads north to Danby Castle, only to find that his very orderly life is about to be turned upside down.~ * ~In AILEEN FISH’s The Viscount’s Sweet Temptation, Lady Harriet Thornhill knows the summons from her grandfather means he’s decided whom she must marry.

Determined that she’d only marry a man of her choosing, she stows away in her friend’s father’s carriage, only to find herself alone with young Archibald Napier,Viscount Morley. * Morley’s plans for a quiet Christmas vanish when he discovers the sweet young lady hiding under the blankets in his carriage. As she claims an acquaintance with his sister, he feels duty-bound to see her safely back to her family.* A broken carriage wheel leaves them stranded, and Harriet’s reputation is at stake. Morley’s not ready to take a wife, until he’s told he wouldn’t be a suitable husband for her.

With memories of her sweet, tempting kiss filling his thoughts, he prepares to fight for the hand of the woman he believes he could love.~ * ~JULIE JOHNSTONE’s Gift of Seduction - The day Andrew Whitton, Earl of Hardwick chooses his fortune over the woman he loves, Drew discovers that money makes for a cold bed partner. Now, no matter how far he runs, the memory of his betrayal haunts him, and there’s not enough liquor to dull the past or diminish his disgust. * Charlotte Milne trusted in happily ever after until her knight turned out to be wearing rusty armor.

Drew, the scoundrel, seduced her, though she very much enjoyed the seduction by the man she’s loved since childhood. Left scandalously ruined, Char flees her home intent upon forgetting Drew and proving her worth. * Separated by disloyalty and pain, each struggle to bury the memories of the other until a mandatory summons from the Duke of Danby sets them on a path of collision to Danby Castle. With the tides of irrevocable change rising, Drew must find a way to show Char that even the most selfish of rakes can be redeemed by love before the woman of his heart becomes the wife of another.

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